🕸️ Web Mining 🕸️

Mine 🕸️ through your browser using only a BSC Address! No registration or verifications needed

webmining.io️ Mining Points reset weekly
Total Accumulated Points get paid every week
Only 100,000 🕸️ Tokens Released Weekly
Points earned today will get paid for the whole week!

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Earning 🕸️ through your browser is quick to setup and easy to do!

🕸️ is a Pseudo-Proof-of-Work Token on the Binanace Smartchain (BSC). Not only is it possible to mine 🕸️, but it is also impossible to mine 🕸️ with anything other than a CPU! That means no GPU can mine the Token, nor will there be an ASIC device capable of it

Verifiable Payouts

All Balances and Payouts are tracked and verifiable on the Binance Smartchain (BSC)

Public Ledger

🕸️ is on BSC, meaning all users can have a copy of the entire activity chart!

🕸️ Token

Funny name. Serious earning potential

100,000 🕸️ Weekly

Only 100k total 🕸️ will be released weekly and ONLY split up between DadsAreFat Miners!

Verifiable Ledger

All site and Token activity is tracked and stored on the BSC Blockchain for verification

Points per Second

The more power you bring your address, the higher your Total Points per Second will be!

Global Reach

There is no required registration or verification needed to use DadsAreFat or 🕸️ Token


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 🕸️ is a Token on the Binance Smartchain (BSC) that is earned only through Web Mining on our site

    🕸️ has not had, and will never have, a pre-sale or crowdfunding campaign of any kind!!

    The contract address is: 0x4621d91025c7090999c1170C4ceB741597F96B29  | Click here to add 🕸️ to MetaMask

  • Unlike most projects in the cryptosphere, 🕸️ has no pre-sale or crowdfunding of any kind. The only way to receive 🕸️ is to mine it on our site. This is easy to do and very straight-forward. Simply set a browser tab to https://webmining.io/mining?s=DEMO and replace DEMO with your BSC Address. You will automatically be sent 🕸️ to the address provided in the URL. There is no account to create or verification to go through!

    If you aren't comfortable setting this up yourself, click here to use our Simple Setup form
    Your mining address should begin with 0x and look something like this:

  • YES, Definitely! Click here to add 🕸️ to MetaMask or use Contract Address 0x4621d91025c7090999c1170C4ceB741597F96B29

    🕸️ Contract: 0x4621d91025c7090999c1170C4ceB741597F96B29  
    Contract Owner: 0xDADB0D54b6BCb47f9C370c8C76Cb9673349eE7f3  

  • There is no required registration or identity verification needed to mine 🕸️. Simply use your Binance Smartchain (BSC) Address in the form below to generate your own, personalized mining URL

    In MetaMask, your address can be found at the top of the window in the middle

    How to find BSC Address with MetaMask to web mine 🕸️ Token in your browser

    You can also use a BSC Address from your favorite extension or wallet software, whatever platform you prefer to use that supports BSC will work for 🕸️ Mining!

  • YES! We welcome all mobile users to utilize our mining platform. Surprisingly, nearly 48% of all of our users are on either Android or iOS based mobile devices! Anything with a CPU that is able to load a webpage will work; I've even used a PS4 and a PS5!!

  • This is where things get interesting! To answer the simple question first, miners are paid weekly for their total accumulated Points. The amount each address will receive will change every week. 🕸️ are not earned through a flat, linear model. Instead, the Total Network Distribution is capped at 100,000 🕸️ per week! This means that instead of earning a flat, boring amount, ALL MINERS will split the 100,000 weekly 🕸️s! This is to ensure a stable, steady supply of 🕸️ will be predictable long-term and the market will never be over-satured or flooded with an influx of coins.

    🕸️ has not had, and will never have, a pre-sale or crowdfunding campaign of any kind!!

    In order to make sure the market cannot be flooded by a huge miner renting equipment for a week, the max for the entire network is capped at 100,000 🕸️ per week, and you can only get them mining on this site! All miners are competing for their piece of the 100,000 weekly 🕸️ release. As an extreme example.. if you have 50% of the Points for the week, you would earn 50,000 🕸️ for that round!

  • This is most likely due to an Adblock of some kind. Your address should be displayed in several places on the Mining Page. Points per Second and Total Points should update once per second. If any of this is not happening, please disable all Adblockers for webmining.io -- If the problem persists, it is most likely due to your browser blocking JavaScript

  • YES, Definitely! This is actually the preferred method for easier bookkeeping. Each individual machine or tab will show Total Points specific to that session, but rest assured, all TOTAL ACCUMULATED POINTS are tracked, tallied, and added together as long as the same BSC address is used! The Total Points for each BSC Address are stored through the backend of the website and on a different domain and unlinked servers that cannot be tampered with

  • The Developer of this site and the 🕸️ Token are available for you in Discord. Click here to join our new Discord community at https://discord.webmining.io!